I'm a lazy man, who likes to break things and find optimal solutions on how to fix it. Problem solving and optimization is what I enjoy the most. I have found multiple exploits on biggest payment processors in the world, some include tricking AI.


  • Passionate about Cybersecurity and web, mobile technology
  • Skilled in Breaking into things i shouldn't break in, Creatingprototypes and POC
  • Experienced with Python, Angular, C# and PHP
  • Proficient with REST API, MySQL

  • Additional Love of learning,Fast learner, Likeable person(my mom said that!)


Cybersecurity expert

NOD Baltic (internship)
2017 - Jul 2017

Login '17 Guest Speaker

Login technology festival

    I was a guest speaker at LOGIN 2017 - the largest and probably the boldest innovation bash in the Baltics. I made a Wi-Fi sniffing and Wi-Fi fishing project and explained how it works and how to protect your personal data from hacker attacks.

  • [DELFI] "Kaina už nemokamą interneto ryšį - tuščia banko sąskaita"
  • [ALFA] "Kaip atpažinti, kad tapote kibernetinės atakos taikiniu?"
  • [] "M.Vareikis pristatė Wi-Fi saugumo paslaptis"
  • [Žaidimo DNR] "LOGIN '17 interviu"

Fullstack developer

2018 - NOW
  • Doing cool stuff


Game and Interactive Media Design

Vilniaus Verslo Kolegija

Game development, 3D Art, media creation.


Web Standarts, Security Standarts, Learning, Self-improvement, Technology, Simplicity, Snowboarding, Skateboarding, Tea, Plants